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Pioneering in the real estate sector Single Stop provides it’s clients with all necessary services and materials required during the procedure of pre-construction and post-construction of the project.  We have experience of working with various projects including residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, environmental and many more.  We work on essential specifics to ensure the outcome meets the customer expectations, our objective is to provide you quality service within your budget.

Although even the outer structure of the project is completed, it is still useless until you  can’t fulfil the major aim due to which you hired Single Stop that is making it useable or continuing the desired activities such as moving in your residence, starting your business, enabling the institution to run, and what not.

We are here to add on some grace and beauty to your built structure or new building, renovation projects, and refurbishment projects to make it worth living and sustainable to ensure better living. We offer you services beginning from allocating skilled as well as non-skilled workers for works including:


Electrical work





Demolition work

Painting & Decorating


Steeple jacking

 Wall and floor work.

During this on-going procedure, there are other supervisors on-site who handle and manage the work to attain the final results with set quality, time, and environmental sustainability. Supervisor of the different domain is present on-site to guide the workers and assure the accuracy of the work. supervisors including: 

  • An architectural supervisor who ensures the technical aspects of the design work to make it appear attractive, safe, and environment friendly apart from this sometimes client needs changes in some designs that n only be assisted to workers if the architect is present.
  • Building services engineers also known as electrical engineers work beyond the walls and roof of a building. They keep eye on the lighting, power, ventilation, heating, cooling, fire prevention, telecoms systems and water systems work and safety regulations. Simply, covering anything from the air con to lifts and escalators. 
  • Civil and structural engineers tend to work both in office and on-site to handle technical aspects and ensure it is implemented properly. Structural engineers carry responsibility for the structure (inner framework) of the project that it holds up.
  • Construction site managers manage things on a construction site. They work efficiently to ensure that the building work is finished on time, within the prescribed budget and to a high-quality. They schedules work, manage workers, and look out for safety and health deal with issues such as health and safety, logistics.

This was the list of few supervisors who organize and make your dream come true through efficiently managing your project, there are a lot of other supervisors who contributes during the project, they are engaged with the work day and night because for Single Stop when it comes to our clients nothing can be compromised.

Materials we supply while interior or exterior construction or renovation includes:

  • Steel
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Cement
  • Ceramic
  • Sanitary appliances(pipes, sewer pipeline, etc.)
  • Bricks
  • Hardwoods – furniture 
  • Lighting switches
  • Sockets
  • Wires
  • Cable & cords
  • Tiles & wallpapers

The list of building materials and sanitation goes on but one thing we assure you is quality and promise where we will never let you down. Our experts have years of experience and have great knowledge and understanding that is why you need not to do much just share the vision or ideas with us and  the rest will be done.

Usually, contractors allocate low- quality building materials as the low- quality materials costs them low which saves them big margins.  Single Stop guarantees you the material employed in interiors as well as exteriors would be utilized of the best among all the brands. We exclusively operate with brands whether it is in steel, wood, sanitary appliances or electronics because one mistake can cause hazardous damage to lots of life.

If we look back to our previous projects even after years we haven’t received any complaints, all our clients have appreciated the work done, as we always try to provide service one step ahead of the customer’ perception which tailor fits their needs in the end.

When you choose Single Stop – you are choosing the best, where trust and promises remain safe and fulfilled, if you seek the best in Jaipur then Single Stop is the one and only trustworthy solution- The best building material, sanitation, and construction services in Jaipur India.


Single Stop Building solution

Best service in Jaipur


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Single Stop Building solution

Best service in Jaipur