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Are you searching for property lawyer or legal advice on property or real estate matters? If yes then your search ends at Single Stop One of the best legal advice company in Jaipur, India. Get suitable legal advice from the best lawyers of Jaipur and across India through just few clicks. People mostly consider either to invest in real estate for long-term investments or sometimes to make money through real estate/land/property by selling it, as it is a matter of big stakes you need to or e little aware of legal procedures to avoid any disputes, inconvenience or huge losses while buying or selling of real estate, land, and property.

Therefore, you may need legal advice from real estate lawyers while performing legal procedures of buying or selling of property so as to take precautions before stepping into real estate. The Single Stop has a full-fledge team of expert and trained licensed real estate lawyers who supports client’s with appropriate guidance in accordance with their property case that tailor-fits the needs of an individual. 

We provide you with the experienced real estate attorneys who carry vast knowledge under the same belt and guide you through initial stages of buying, selling, or other property disputes till the final execution of deed registration. Our excellent legal services are available virtually as well as in-person as our client’s requests all across India.

Our Real-Estate Services:


Title search

We at Single Stop come across several cases of fraud over the property/land existence, ownership, or rights while land buying and selling thus, we understand the significant role of title search and advice every individual who wishes to buy or sell the land or property to let a property or real estate attorney manage the documentation and title search. For instance, we have seen many fraudulent cases such as fake documents offered to sell the property that is in someone else’s name, vacant land being fraudulently transferred into other’s name, or a property can be transferred to multiple buyers. In order to stay safe and alert one must conduct a thorough title search before coming up to finalizing any transaction.

Our team of real estate lawyers perform a detailed examination to find out the real owner of the property in order to prevent any trouble ahead considering the title or ownership of the property. They are well trained and skilled at managing all the variations of search including finding succession, finding registration status, chain of title as well as in handling cases both domestically and abroad.

The Single stop provides Jaipur’s best title search services with the most qualified and best trained lawyers, with licenses to practice all across India. We provide legal services in-person, within our offices and virtually in Jaipur and pan India. You can contact us any time through e-mail or phone.


Property Sale 

 Selling your property or buying one either for investment or for relocating your home is not a simple matter. Buying or selling of properties needs to be conducted with accurate and reliable procedure, beginning with property papers that must be examined and checking title thoroughly is required – thereafter, both the parties (buyer or seller) must come to a mutual consent on the terms of buy or sale and bring them into an agreement incorporating terms and conditions under which the seller aims to put up the property for sale and the buy wishes to attain it. 

Moreover, there are several documents which must be executed in the legal format and appropriate order – those documents include the purchase agreement, sale deed, sanctioned plan, letter of allotment, encumbrance certificate and many more.

At Single Stop, we help in transferring deeds across a wide spectrum of conditions and requirements – comprising of sale by negotiation, auction, tender, or a public offer. We handle every aspect of the transaction – from initial due diligence and valuation, through negotiation of the property terms and converting verbal agreed terms and conditions among both the parties into legal written paper and executing all the essential documents in an enforceable form.

We render property sale services with the most qualified and best trained lawyers, with licenses to practice in Jaipur and across India. We provide personalized services to every individual, within our office in Jaipur and virtually, around the world. If you seek to contact us feel free to contact us any time through e-mail or phone.


Real estate is a great source of long term investment that ensures stability and secures returns, thus in such deals of property one must understood the significance of the written documentation and the mutual terms and conditions agreed between both the parties while investing in any real estate for long term. However, the sale of property consists of legal procedure that involves appropriate drafting of specific instruments and legal documentation of the registry, and transaction of property itself.

At Single Stop, our expert lawyer’s helps individual’s in every step of the deed transferring procedure including freeholds, life estates, partial interests, and temporary leases. Whether property is transferred in form of a sale, settlement or gift, our lawyers can prepare perfect deed as per your needs with minimum possible stamp duty.

 Get the best property lawyers in Jaipur and all across India, for all real estate services with ease and minimum costs. Consult our remarkable lawyers with the facilities of virtual meet as well as at our office in Jaipur, India. 


 In order to avoid issues of property in a family and inheritance from consuming family’s harmony, it is essential to plan for your future through binding testamentary documents to create the division of individual’s estate in the future.

At Single Stop, we help our clients through every phase of the testamentary procedure – from the beginning till the end. Our team of highly experienced lawyers are indulged in the drafting and implementation of wills and testaments for several forms of estates like as disbursed international estates, small local estates, family disbursal, and creating charitable trusts.

We render Wills and Testaments services with the most qualified and the best trained lawyers in Jaipur, with licenses to practice in Jaipur and all across India. We provide services with a person-centric approach virtually as well as in our in person. If you wish to resolve your wills and testament you may contact us any time through e-mail or phone.




 Trusts helps in saving administration and tax liabilities and with that it provides an effective way of disbursing property apart from the laws of succession or settlement. Moreover, trust or estate can be an effective carrier for one’s property. For that, it is must to seize advice of an experienced lawyer for your real estate management and appropriate administrative documentation.

We, at Single Stop, handle different trust and estate problems and provide solutions according to your unique necessities and conditions. Our Estate lawyers are highly qualified and well trained, with licenses who guide you through whole process from beginning to end. We render are services in Jaipur, Rajasthan. 


Investing in property is like the ace up your sleeves and most stable investment form as it provides several benefits including tax benefits and registration compliances. However, without understanding the real estate market and regulations it may seem as a risky investment plan.

At Single Stop we ensure the protection of your investment with inclusive due diligence at  every stage of your investment agreement. Beginning from negotiation terms of the property investment while holding your interest and need in mind – to processing verbally agreed terms and conditions into legally written binding terms. This is why our team of experienced lawyers will help you create a legal and precise contract that protects your rights and interest both cross border and domestic executions in accordance to the law that makes your investment relatively safe.

If you seek to invest in property contact our real estate lawyers in Jaipur, India. We provide our real estate or property legal advice and agreement services virtually as well as in our office at Jaipur.


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